Pressure Reducing Cushion

Pressure Reducing Cushion

Short Description:

KELU is the dealership of TAICEND. Their pad used for reducing the pressure for skin which could be used as pressure defense for medical workers who need to take N95 and goggles for long time. The TAICEND skin pad has two layers, the top layer for reducing pressure can absorb the pressure totally and avoid injury from medical equipment. The below layer is made from soft PU with high ventilating and allergy free performance, it also can make the pad be removed easily with no hurt.

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Ventilation property of cushion is 800 g.m 2 .24h 1 (skin is 1500 g.m 2 .24h 1)

Remove force of cushion is 1.8N/cm (the force skin can bear is 2.0 N/cm)


Unit Price: US$ 6 per Bag


Port: ShenZhen/HongKong

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, L/C


Product details:

l Material: PU

l Dimension: 2*10 cm

l Thickness: 2mm

l Packaging:5pcs/BAG

l Applicable Skin: Forehead, Nasal, Face, Ear

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